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30 Day Start Goals

 When you work with C&R Consulting, we will set you up for success with a 30 day Start Goal calendar.

We provide live consultants for our U.S. clients.  Our business consulting self-starter package is based on businesses in the USA only. However, it may be useful for other countries that have business practices similar to the US. We assess if we can provide the service you need and we offer you a choice of three packages to choose from.  

We have a 20-question assessment for each prospective client to fill out. We review your answers and respond within 3-5 business days.  We do not want you to pay for a package that does not suit your needs.  If our business consulting experts are not able to assist you due to your industry, you will be advised via email and presented with any alternative options that are available.  

Our Gold package is for those who like to learn on their own.  Our Silver package is for current business owners who want a little help to expand.  Our Platinum package is for anyone who wants all the expertise we can provide to get your business to a profitable state, including help with funding your business. 


We are available to help any home-based, small business in the state of Georgia and the United States. It is estimated that there are currently about 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S.  Due to the pandemic, our services are 100% virtual for your health and safety. Our consultants use Zoom to communicate with our clients and can reach you anywhere across the US.      

Our consultants do heavy research to make sure they get you all the information you need to compete in today’s industry. Our Platinum package clients get industry analysis done for competition in the market with detailed suggestions on how to serve gaps in your industry. We focus on making you stand out amongst the crowd.    

Our consultants come up with plans specific to your business —there are no cookie-cutter solutions, here. We formulate an action plan for you based on your goals for your business and career.  We accept businesses with 1-20 employees maximum, as our strategies are for small teams.  Once you decide to expand further, we recommend you seek consulting from a firm servicing larger businesses. 

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