Consulting & Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing Services

Top-Rated VR Marketing Firm

Are you a brand, business, or corporate entity ready to take your operation to the next level? C&R Consulting  through fully-tailored strategies helps you position your company for the next big technology wave in consumerism . . . virtual reality.  


We provide strategies to assist you with the overall health of your business so that we can design the best VR marketing campaign.  Our consulting services are included to ensure your company is set up properly before you deploy any type of advertising to masses.  Most businesses fail within the first year due to poor planning and lack of finances.  We service clients with intent to help them achieve their goals, not ours.  The business plan that you will create with us will encompass all aspects to ensure you receive the best outcomes.  

Many businesses are already over budget within 6 months of opening and spending on items they may not even need for their stage of their growth cycle.  We help you gain access to capital to generate revenue. We teach various ways to qualify for funding and avoid unnecessary expenditures when start or scaling your business.   

We provide pertinent, in-depth information that can help you stand out in today’s industry. Our YouTube channels will show you information on general business practices, what’s happening in various industries, and much more.  Consistent learning is a big part of being successful. 

Research is another skill that we help you develop.  Learning how to properly research, can show the gaps in your business and introduce you to the resources to generate the possible solutions. Our processes can provide the means for helping you truly stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Consumers have let us know the previous way of going out to shop is not the only way they want to receive goods and services.  The internet, once this strange and new technology, allowed people to send and receive information at the press of a button.  Large corporations got together with shipping and delivery services to get items to customers in as little as 24 hours. Internet speeds increased from 56K to several GBs. We are in a society that wants every and they want it now.  Marketing has to change as the consumers and our youth are deciding how fast they want things and how they want to be marketing to.  YouTube has videos to show items being unboxed and played with before the kids even buy it.  This is an engaging way to get them excited about their favorite brands. Gaming channels show virtual versions of big brands for purchase to be used while playing.  And now VR, does the same things and more.  Avatars can wear clothing with NBA teams and celebrity designs.  People can shop in a virtual store and see displays just like they can in the real world.  Developers and designers can create entire virtual worlds and metaverses to provide an immersive experience.  Services offered in real life are now also virtual.  VR headsets have meditation, fitness, education, and business apps. We educate you on all of these and show you where you can position your business or brand to be discovered over the next few years as the interest in VR explodes.   




Schools, medical facilities, and corporations are all using VR.  In the next 20 years, every person alive today will be an adult and VR headsets will probably be commonplace.  Position your brand in front of them so you can become a household name and a leading expert in what you do starting now.  

Our news outlets have picked up stories on VR usage in Atlanta GA’s Morehouse College.  The students have access to a metaverse with a digital twin campus to have virtual lessons.  Learning with simulations and more engaging visuals can increase knowledge retention and lead to a better understanding of subject matter.  Apps train on nursing, welding, engineering, medical procedures, CPR, and so much more.  It is a safe environment to learn and make mistakes before attempting in real life.  Practicing in this way allows for better outcomes when learning a new skill.