Virtual Reality Marketing Firm

Virtual Reality (VR) is the future of interactive marketing! 

C&R Consulting is a VR marketing firm.  We teach VR and help you market your business or brand in the Metaverse.  Your clients want a unique and engaging experience.  We can show you how to deliver one.

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Our Approach

We begin with a consultation to assess your business, help you set a new course, and create a marketing strategy. So many businesses close before they really even get started due to poor planning and no assistance. We include small business consulting services to ensure you are set up properly for success BEFORE you spend money on advertising to your target market.

1. Assessment

We begin by understanding your unique business needs, challenges, and objectives through a free in-depth consultation and analysis.

2. Strategy Development

Based on our assessment, we develop a customized plan tailored to your business, outlining clear objectives and actionable steps to ensure success.

Our Services

VR Marketing Strategies

We are a one-of-a-kind VR marketing firm dedicated to positioning new and existing businesses into the Metaverse.  We teach this new innovative technology in 1:1 and group settings.  We show you how to give your clients the most immersive and engaging way to experience your brand.

Tailored Business Solutions

We have a 22-question assessment for each prospective client to fill out. We review your answers and respond during a free 30 min consultation session.  We want you to make sure that we are meeting your needs and our ideas fit your established success goals.  If for some reason our company is not a good fit due to your industry, you will be advised via email and presented with any alternative options that may be available.  

Choose Your Path to Success

You get to decide where you want to showcase yourself and how immersive you want the experience to be.  Not every marketing option requires your clients to have a VR headset.  Some applications allow for potential customers to see your brand using their PC or phone.  We will get you in front of your target market as well as help you identify new markets.  

Virtual Solutions for Global Businesses

We are available to many home-based,  small, and corporate businesses across the globe. If your country has business practices similar to the US, we may have solutions for you.  Our consultants use Zoom to communicate with our clients and can reach you virtually anywhere in the world. 

Strategic Insights for Competitive Advantage

Our consultants do heavy research to make sure they get you all the information you need to compete in today’s market. Our  clients get in-depth SWOT and GAP analysis done to be on par with your competition. We give you detailed suggestions on how to fill gaps in your industry. We focus on making you stand out amongst the crowd.

Corporate and Speaking Engagements

We are available for organizations and corporations seeking to introduce VR as a teaching, training, or advertising method.  You can request for an in person or virtual speaker or trainer to show you the benefits of using VR. This technology is used to assist with positive employee to employee interactions with soft skills, foreign language fluency, public speaking, brand loyalty, simulations, product knowledge, and much more. Contact us to book a speaking engagement or training session today.